From content blog to the largest craft beer store franchise in Brazil, has changed the face of beer in a decade.

Defying market beer at every turn, Stores are designed to make the culture of beer accessible and more fun. Asking questions is encouraged.

More than places to drink beer; these are places to build communities and deliver beer experiences. With this maverick attitude, has created an innovative business model.

All franchise chain are fashionable and planned for sell not just craft beer, but also glassware, books and gifts. More than that: every Store hosts meetings and tasting sessions.

The Culture of Beer are promoted through local beers. Customers stumble across refreshing ranges every time.

The Culture of Craft Beer is for everyone

In pursuit of this mission, in the past 17 years, has opened 60 locations in 20 of 26 brazilian estates.

From first-timers to seasoned beer experts, whether veteran or virgin; with free tasters, they encourage all customers to try and have awesome time, no matter the stage of their craft beer journey.

Every store around the Brazil has an ever-changing line up of selected breweries, stored and served perfectly.

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As a company, the things cares most about are its beer, its people and its mission. The brand is proud to work hand-in-hand with amazingly teams and knowledgeable suppliers to run points of experiences where people have an amazing time.

If those are the things you value, then you’re the perfect franchisee for us.

At a Glance


Established: 2004

Number of locations: 60

Country: Brazil

Investment Range: ~USD 30k+liquid funds